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Be the Best Manager You Can Be

Be the Best Manager You Can Be

As part of our series 5 Top Tips from the Experts, author of Management Starts with You, Alan Hester, provides his Tips to help you to be the best manager you can be. 

In this blog, Alan outlines:

•  Why a little self-doubt is a good thing

•  The 3 most important things that you need to manage 

•  The most valuable investment you can make

How did you start your management career? 

In my case I was put in charge of thirty people and told to manage them. Literally, I was asked on Friday and started on Monday; I had my ‘new manager’ training course a mere eighteen months later. It wasn’t great.

More experienced and senior managers also have their moments of wondering what on earth they’re doing. It’s called ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and a number of senior people have told me that they have had these moments where they realise that a whole organisation or department is relying on them, and they question whether they should have been given the job at all. 

When a little self-doubt is a good thing

Most of us get through these moments and come out the other side, and a little self-doubt can be a good thing: it shows that we are thinking about our role and contribution. I would prefer to work with someone who can accept they are not always right than someone who thinks they can never be wrong. If doubt becomes a habit, however, it can undermine everything you try to do. 

3 important things to manage

It comes down to this: to manage others, you first must be able to manage yourself. Managing yourself involves a number of things, including:

1.  Managing your time

Time management for managers is more important than it is for most people, because the way you spend your time directly influences how your team manages theirs. If you don’t know what to work on next, or can never find anything, or you’re always running late you are creating a culture of last-minute panics.

2.  Managing your emotions

A manager who is clearly stressed and either unhappy, indecisive, or impatient is not a great role model. People rely on you to be calm, clear, and consistent so they know they can get on with their jobs with confidence.

3.  Managing your workload

If you have a clear head, and know the difference between business and busyness your team can be more effective too.

Your team quickly resembles you, so you owe it to you and them to be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Become the best version of yourself

This is where self-development comes in. Whether you are an experienced manager or just starting out, it is worth investing some time on yourself. If you are a business owner, you rely on your management team (or you, if you are ‘it’) to get the best out of your people.  Effective management is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. 

Alan’s passion is to enable you to become the best you can be, to actively enjoy this challenging and at times frustrating role, and to get great results for your team and company by managing yourself and others effectively. 

Build confidence and skill as a manager

If you would like to get a copy of Alan’s book Management Starts with You it can be found on Amazon or in local bookshops. 

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