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Have you Reached a Size where you Need to Systemise your Business?

Have you Reached a Size where you Need to Systemise your Business?

As part of our series 5 Top Tips from the Experts, PREACT’s Marketing Director Warren Butler provides his Tips on How a CRM system can help business owners to reach growth targets.

In this blog, Warren outlines how CRM:

•  Create efficiency and saves time

•  Enables business to happen everywhere

•  Provides accurate management reporting

•  Improves information sharing

•  Gives better customer service

Over to Warren (Thank you – some great tips here!)

Perhaps your business has seen impressive growth in recent years, or you are embarking on an ambitious growth plan, but your CRM system presents a barrier to expansion?

This might lack the capabilities and flexibility needed to manage your processes, or maybe the technology hasn’t been configured to fit your business.

Either way, significant time is wasted as your team complete their daily activities which involve duplication of effort and are at risk of numerous points of failure.

Effective CRM systems facilitate growth through efficient processes that transform operations, delight customers, lower costs and increase staff satisfaction.

5 Examples of How CRM Helps Achieve Growth Targets.

1.  Process Efficiency and Time Saving

How much time is spent by your people on repetitive tasks every day?

Measured across your entire business this can easily run into dozens, or even hundreds, of hours every week.

Repeatable tasks such as order confirmations, event registrations or creating a new customer records drain productivity by absorbing time when they are undertaken manually. 

CRM helps firms scale up by translating these manual steps into a series of connected workflows that automate emails and apply further actions which can include creating records, scheduling reminders and updating database fields.

With smarter processes that consume fewer resources, teams can better focus their efforts on serving customers and other profit generating activities.

With a modern CRM solution, teams are guided through a series of critical processes such as responding to service issue, or qualifying a lead with a series of steps. 

These provide contextual guidance in line with your business rules and methodology by prompting users to consistently ask the right questions, collect relevant data and find knowledge base articles to reach successful outcomes.

Connected CRM processes flow across entities which avoids the need to re-enter data. For example, start with a lead record and this will seamlessly flow into a sales opportunity and order. 

2.  Do Business Everywhere

Are your people as empowered and informed about their business relationships when they are on road compared to when they work in the office?

Road warriors might have access to basic information about their customers, deals and activities but in contrast to office based workers they often lack sufficient tools and insights to do their best work.

Using CRM apps that work with the technology that people love, remote workers can bring this data into their meetings, capture notes and photos, keep on top of their sales pipeline and prepare for each engagement - wherever they work.

Further productivity gains are made by mobilising remote workers to track their emails in CRM from wherever they work and initiate actions to delegate tasks.

With mobile access to all the relationship and processing data that is needed, CRM helps to increase the pace of business and empowers everyone to work with agility.

3.  Accurate Management Reporting

When business processes are handled manually, or carried out using different systems, at best it will delay reporting but often means that critical decisions are taken with incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistency data.

What deals are forecast to close this month? How many service case were resolved yesterday? What is your most profitable source of leads this year?

You may already be able to answer these questions but it might take some time to collate the data and how confidently would you trust this reporting?

CRM systems unify the management of processes into a single system. Even if data resides elsewhere, for example in accounting systems or email marketing, this is connected with CRM to create ‘one-truth’ about each process, relationship and the overall health of your business.

Plug this data into graphical reporting engines like Microsoft Power BI, and it’s no wonder that growing business are getting actionable insights from their data which they never previously imagined were possible – before competitors even realise they have problem!

With a real-time access to single source of truth, CRM replaces guesswork with data-driven decision making. 

4.  Improved Information Sharing

CRM creates transparency to overcome barriers caused by a legacy of having unconnected data silos within a business.

In contrast to individuals and teams hoarding customer and process information in personal spread-sheets, or their own databases, CRM facilities collaboration by connecting everyone to a centralised data.

With email marketing processes connected to sales in the same system, sales teams can be fed with the hottest leads based on recipient open and click actions.

By connecting sales and accounting processes, order processing is streamlined enabling invoices to be quickly raised with the same detail from order form.

Using integrated knowledge tools all teams can share answers and solutions to frequently encountered issues to foster a culture of collaboration and sharing.

5.  Better Customer Service

Customers’ expectations continue to rise for the number of channels through which they receive service, and the quality of that service.

With channels that include social media, phone, email, web portals and online chat, the ability to deliver a consistent experience is crucial for businesses to earn client loyalty.

If customers speak to people who seem uninformed, they are left waiting for solutions or are asked to repeat themselves, these circumstances are likely to see them reaching out to a competitor.

With the benefit of connected data, embedded knowledge, guided process flows CRM solutions empower agents to consistently engage customers across all these touchpoints.

Give your team the tools, guidance, and data they need to efficiently resolve issues. Agents will be quick to find resolutions and deliver a more personalised, effective level of support using CRM technology that accesses all customer information in one place.

Need to Systemise your business?

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