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5 Top Tips to use LinkedIn to Maximise Sales!

5 Top Tips to use LinkedIn to Maximise Sales!

As part of our series 5 Top Tips from the Experts, Integrated Marketing Bureau’s Managing Director Rupert Honywood provides his Tips on How to use LinkedIn to Maximise Sales.

In this blog, Rupert outlines:- 

  • Why LinkedIn is worth investing in
  • What you can do to enhance your profile
  • A simple structure to use for your introduction
  • Why upgrading is worth it
  • A simple plan to make sales happen

Over to Rupert (Thank you – some great tips here!)

Many people don’t realise it, but LinkedIn is probably one of the most underused and undervalued resources for bringing in a steady and compounding list of prospects who are potentially interested in buying your products or services.

With around 450 million people who run or who are involved at a senior level within businesses worldwide the potential is enormous. Why not start by asking yourself these important questions:- 

  • Do you sell mid to high priced ticket products or services predominantly in the B to B sectors? 
  • Would you like to find new potential partners, sponsors, donors, advocates or even new team members for your business?
  • Are you clear who your target clients are?
  • Have your determined which type of clients or market segments are “low hanging fruit”

If the answer to these questions is Yes, then potentially you have a massive opportunity to grow your business through increased sales.

5 Top Tips to Get More Business Through LinkedIn…

  1. Make sure that your profile picture is professionally taken and presents you as a warm and inviting person who they may want to engage with.
  2. Use your profile to present you and your products and services in the best possible light. The Introduction should be written in the first person, the rest should be written in a “you and your” type context. Rough framework should be: 

    a.  Introduction: as a short paragraph

    b.  Bulleted list: Identify 4 key pain points

    c.  Short intro sentence then: 

    d.  Bulleted list: Offer 5 key benefits 

    e.  Closing paragraph: Offer something of real value FREE, include a strong call for action with your phone number and email address 

  3. Build your presence on line as a trusted person who wants to share value and of considerable value and authority. Blogs, Posts and interacting in Groups are great for building credibility.
  4. Upgrade to Sales Navigator. Don’t quibble about the cost – this provides you with LinkedIn’s most powerful features. (Special 10 - point plan to follow)
  5. Think about your best engagement strategy and use LinkedIn Advanced Search to find your ideal leads and prospects.

Okay – so I have Upgraded - what should I do next? Here is your 10 - point plan: 

  1. Use Advanced Search to find your ideal clients, eg. Industry Sector, Location by distance, Seniority, Company Size by Number of Employees. Also use keyword search – this is very powerful. You can also save these searches for use again later. 
  2. Use InMail or if you have some connection with the person, then use your Saved Searches above and start by connecting with your prospects.
  3. Never use the standard LinkedIn Connection Request message, always personalise it. Trying to find some common area of interest in which you both may have an interest.
  4. Never sell or self-promote when sending the Connection Request. This is very poor etiquette and you could get your account restricted or banned
  5. If the person accepts your request and replies - show a personal interest and ask questions, don’t at this stage try and sell. If the person then comes back and answers your questions, then engage with that person, sharing the information that you feel that they would be interested in. What you are trying to do is to sell that phone call or meeting not your product or service.
  6. If the person accepts your Connection Request but does not reply. Don’t assume that they are not interested. It is probably a case that they “don’t know what they don’t know”. So at that point, send them a personal message asking them some questions. Should they then respond, answer those questions and offer a phone call or a meeting. 
  7. Look out for anniversary or birthday notifications or for who has viewed your profile. Engage with those people, congratulate them and show interest.
  8. Treat people as individuals – always with respect and out of real interest
  9. Remember the “devil is in the follow up”. Most people fail, because to manage the follow up correctly takes time and patience. 
  10. Use the phone. This is a forgotten skill but if used in associate with the above is immensely powerful. The trick is to get people to the point where they are asking to have that conversation

You may find this TV Interview on Business Connections Live particularly useful, as the techniques used are discussed in detail and you have a demonstration of how to use LinkedIn Advanced Search TV Interview Link

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