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How ‘Focus and Clarity’ can give you confidence

How ‘Focus and Clarity’ can give you confidence

I have heard so many of my clients say that have so much more confidence in their business offering since becoming completely clear about what they are selling, why they are selling it and its true value to their customers.

If you find yourself waffling at a networking event about what you offer, feel over whelmed by all that you do and struggle to put it succinctly or find it difficult to pin point the core benefit you offer your clients, then having more clarity and focus would definitely help you to be more naturally confident.

Clarity helps you and your client

Potential customers will only remember a few things about you after meeting you so you need to make the things that you tell them are most likely to hit the mark. If you want someone to introduce you to a potential client, they will need to be able to say a few sentences to interest them no more. They will too busy to remember too much. If your message is foggy in your own head you can’t expect your clients to clearly see the value you offer.

Sometimes you can get so close to your business that you can become confused by your own offering and your own message. I know I have been in the past.

If I asked you right now to articulate how you help your clients the most, what would you say? Would it be clear and articulate?

Match your benefit with my greatest need

Your offering needs to ‘solve a problem’ that your market/ideal client has and provide a great solution. You need to be able to describe the problem, your solution and the result you help achieve. Can you? Do you? Or do you go into lots of detail about what your product and service is and how you deliver it.

You will know what I mean if you have ever had a conversation with someone describing their service to you, when you were none the wiser at the end than you were at the beginning.

I love it when someone selling their services to me is clear, focused and delivers their message simply and succinctly. I just don’t have head space for anything else. Do you?

Here are some simple questions to help:

  • Who do you help?
  • What pain or problems do you help solve?
  • What kind of solution do you provide?
  • What results do you help your clients achieve?
  • What do you offer as an initial exploratory step for potential clients?
  • Now write a few lines that gets straight to the core of what you offer with focus and clarity.

I expect that sounds good. Now get out there and tell more people what you have to offer.

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