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Jackie's Blog

What happens when you take the ‘PUSH’ out of selling?
“Change the way you think about selling, and the way you sell will change”

If the idea of selling makes you feel uncomfortable, it is likely you don’t like the idea of having to be pushy. You

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How to Get and Use Testimonials

Stories and quotes will inspire potential clients. The more real and natural they are the more powerful they will be.

Here are some easy ways to both get and use testimonials well.
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How ‘Focus and Clarity’ can give you confidence

I have heard so many of my clients say that have so much more confidence in their business offering since becoming completely clear about what they are selling, why they are selling it and its true

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Great Natural Selling Questions

The skill in ‘Natural Selling’ is an ability to uncover pain and guide towards a positive future along with a good feeling about working with you.

The questions you ask will need crafting to

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5 Secrets to Getting a ‘Yes’

Getting a ‘yes’ in your business life is important to all of us. Doesn’t it feel great when someone says ‘yes’ to a tender or a proposal? ‘Yes’ to working with you as an alliance, or

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5 Natural Selling Secrets Uncovered

What Really makes you Brilliant at Winning Clients?

… and it is not about techniques

Natural Selling Expert and Author Jackie Jarvis gives you her top 5 secret ingredients:

Secret Number 1
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